Backup Ninja Top Features


Manage All Your Backups Through a Single GUI

Backup Ninja has an advanced and easy-to-use interface that allows you to configure and run database backups in just a couple clicks.

Backups Without Scripting - Using scripts or other free tools to manage your backup can be complicated and it takes time you don’t have. Backup Ninja saves you that time with the ability to connect, schedule, and execute a backup within minutes.

Backup Using Any Combination of Storage Options

Backup Ninja lets you store your database backups locally or on the cloud provider of your choice, be it a global provider or a local one.


Automated Incremental, Partial, and Full Backups

Backup Ninja gives you ultimate flexibility over your database backups with the ability to connect, schedule, and execute full, partial, or incremental backups within minutes, without any scripts or multiple external tools.


Geo-Distributed Cloud Storage Centers

Backup Ninja works with leading cloud providers with geographically distributed and highly secured data centers in the country or region of your choosing to ensure the sovereignty of your data.


Take Full Control of Your Database Backups

Backup Ninja lets you run your backups whenever you want… Backup once a day at off hours or every few minutes. You can also control how long your backups are stored.


Logical & Physical Backups

Backup Ninja support the taking of full physical and logical backups for the most popular open source database technologies.


Keep your Data Secure

Backup Ninja uses both encryption at-rest as well as in-transit when processing and storing your backup files. Keys are stored on your server, creating full-360 security.


Files & Directories Backup

In addition to backing up the most popular open source databases, you can now also backup any files related to it.


Point in Time Recovery (PITR)

Backup Ninja provides automated database backup and recovery to a specified point in time (PITR) for both MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.