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Advanced End-to-End Data Security

Backup Ninja services use advanced encryption methods for end-to-end data communication during the backup and restore process. There are no additional tools used to encrypt your backups, encryption happens on the fly when backup ninja starts the backup service. Encryption keys are never stored by the Backup Ninja agent, and are only stored on your own server, giving you full control over data security.

In-Transit Data Encryption

Backup Ninja uses advanced encryption (TLS 1.3) to encrypt all the data which is in transit during backup operations.


At- Rest Data Encryption

Backup Ninja uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) to deploy military-grade encryption protocols to keep your backup files secure.

No Stored Encryption Keys

Backup Ninja never stores any information on security keys, keys are randomly generated or entered manually and is stored on the users server to decrypt the encrypted backups. Backup Ninja can never access your unencrypted data.


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