Backup Ninja New Features Update - Security & Notification Improvements

Backup Ninja New Features Update - Security & Notification Improvements

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Sarojini Devi Nagappan
31 October 2019

We’re excited to announce the latest features being added to Backup Ninja, a simple, secure, and cost-effective SaaS service you can use to backup the world’s most popular open source databases; locally or in the cloud. This release is focused on giving you better security and keeping you updated on the status of your backups. 

Release Highlights

Bring Your Own Encryption Key 

Encryption is a key to a safe backup. In this release, Backup Ninja allows you to create and enter your own custom encryption key to encrypt and decrypt your backups instead of using an auto-generated encryption key. 

Using your own encryption key can help you align your database backup file security with other security measures in your infrastructure as well as provide you with piece-of-mind that you alone know the decryption key. This adds an even greater level of security than what is provided by Backup Ninja by default.

Remember that keys themselves are never stored by Backup Ninja but rather are contained in the agent on your server where you have full control over access and security.

Get Notified and Stay Updated on Your Backups

We have enhanced the email notification engine to provide you with even more updates about your backup. You can also customize your communication preferences to receive email notifications on several different backup process events including...

  • Backup Events: Newly Created, Failed, or Deleted Backups
  • Schedule Events: Newly Created, Removed, Paused or Resumed Scheduled Events
  • Agent Events: Installed or Removed “Bartender” Agents
  • Agent Events: Agents with Errors


This is just the first of the new features we plan to introduce during the Backup Ninja Beta. We have many more features planned including support for additional database technologies.