Backup Ninja vs. MySQL Enterprise Backup Solutions - the Similarities and Differences

Backup Ninja vs. MySQL Enterprise Backup Solutions - the Similarities and Differences

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Lukas Vileikis
10 March 2021

If you have ever used MySQL, chances are you took backups of your data. If you ever took backups of your data, chances are you heard of MySQL enterprise backup solutions. In this blog post we will cover the similarities and differences of using Backup Ninja as opposed to them.

What are MySQL Enterprise Solutions?

In general and as the name already suggests, MySQL Enterprise Edition is a commercial edition of MySQL. MySQL offers these enterprise solutions amongst others:

  • MySQL Enterprise Monitor - an enterprise monitoring system for MySQL. The monitor can notify you of potential issues and problems related to your MySQL installation etc.
  • MySQL Enterprise Backup - an enterprise backup solution for MySQL. Designed to and works best when backing up tables running the InnoDB storage engine.
  • MySQL Enterprise Security - the enterprise edition of MySQL offers plugins that implement certain security features.
  • MySQL Enterprise Encryption - includes a set of encryption functions based on the OpenSSL library.
  • MySQL Enterprise Audit - enables policy-based logging of query activity on MySQL servers.
  • MySQL Enterprise Firewall - an application-level firewall that allows developers and MySQL DBAs to allow or deny SQL statement execution based on a pre-determined ruleset.

While covering all of these enterprise solutions is not within the scope of this blog post, we will look into one of the most popular MySQL backup solutions - the enterprise backup.

What is MySQL Enterprise Backup and How Does it Compare with Backup Ninja?

  • MySQL Enterprise Backup allows developers and DBAs to make single-file, full, differential, incremental or partial backups. Backups can also be compressed. Backup Ninja also gives you the flexibility over your database backups with the ability to connect, schedule and execute full, partial or incremental backups.
  • Backup Ninja supports the taking of full physical and logical backups for the most popular open source database technologies (MySQL, Percona, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, TimescaleDB, MongoDB etc.) - MySQL Enterprise Backup only works on MySQL:
Backup Options


  • MySQL Enterprise Backup performs hot backup operations - the mysqlbackup command lets you back up a running MySQL instance (including InnoDB tables) with minimal disruption, but be advised that MySQL Enterprise Backup is better suited to be used together with InnoDB tables - if you use MyISAM, the tool will use a “warm” backup technique.
  • Backup Ninja also offers backup encryption - it uses encryption at-rest as well as in-transit when processing and storing backups.
  • Backup Ninja also allows you to schedule backups. For more information, check the documentation.
  • As we already mentioned, MySQL Enterprise Backup only works on MySQL while Backup Ninja works on MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, TimeScaleDB and MongoDB. For more information, head over to the documentation.
  • Backup Ninja can also take hot backups of MySQL, it can invoke XtraBackup.
  • Backup Ninja is a Software-as-a-Service solution meaning that it's cost effective - simply create an account, install an agent and you can quickly create schedules. You cannot do that with MySQL Enterprise Backup since you need to purchase annual subscriptions and you need to install it on your servers.
  • Backup Ninja supports archiving for cloud storage. You can choose to upload your backup to one or more S3 storage endpoints.
    Backup Ninja supports over 60 regions around the world while also supporting your own custom S3 endpoint.


Backup Ninja offers pretty much the same things as MySQL Enterprise Backup does - at a fraction of the cost. If you are considering an alternative to the enterprise backup solutions offered by MySQL, consider giving it a shot.