Commercial Backup Options for MySQL

Commercial Backup Options for MySQL

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Lukas Vileikis
09 March 2021

If you ever backed up your MySQL databases, you probably know that MySQL has some backup options you can choose from. Some of these options are free, some are paid. This blog post will discuss some of the available commercial backup options for MySQL.

Why Use Commercial Backup Options?

Before we actually tell you what commercial backup options MySQL offer, we first need to answer the question why you should use them in the first place. In general, commercial backup options in MySQL offer enterprise-grade backup and recovery for MySQL. It delivers backups on multiple platforms including Linux, Windows, Mac & Solaris. Backups are “hot” meaning they do not interrupt MySQL transactions.

What Commercial Backup Options does MySQL Offer?

The most popular commercial backup option for MySQL is the MySQL Enterprise Backup tool. First off, we will start off by saying that the tool is considerably faster than mysqldump in both backing up and restoring data (both images belong to MySQL):


Backing up a DatabaseRestoring a Database

Some of MySQL Enterprise Backup features include:

  • Delivering “hot” online backups - backups do not interrupt transactions.
  • The ability to take partial backups - you can back up only specific tables if you wish.
  • Compressed backups - you can use compressed backups and reduce your storage requirements.
  • The ability to exclude certain tables from being backed up - you can save both time and space by not backing up unnecessary data.
  • Backups can be secured by AES 256 encryption.

Keep in mind that MySQL Enterprise Backup is best suited to be used with InnoDB data - it can also be used if your tables run on MyISAM or other storage engines, but then the data will be backed up using a warm backup technique instead of a hot backup technique.

How do You use MySQL Enterprise Backup?

MySQL Enterprise Backup can be used by invoking


like this:

mysqlbackup --user=root --password --port=3306 [OPTIONS] backup

For example, to perform a full backup, you can use:

./mysqlbackup --user=root --password --host= --backup-image=/home/directory/backup.mbi --backup-dir=/home/backup-tmp backup-to-image



option specifies the destination file and the


option specifies the backup directory.

MySQL Enterprise Backup can also be used to perform partial backups, but the full functionality of the tool is not within the scope of this blog, so we won’t go into details here.

Comparing Backup Ninja with MySQL Enterprise Backup

Cost Implications

Now that we have covered MySQL Enterprise Backup, some of you might wonder how does Backup Ninja fare against it. Well, on one front MySQL Enterprise Backup costs $5,000 for one year while Backup Ninja will set you back $480 for a year. Backup Ninja also offers a free tier. Backup Ninja can also let you save up to 25% when buying more agents. It’s worth noting that MySQL Enterprise Backup only supports MySQL while Backup Ninja supports MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Percona Server for MySQL and also TimeScale.

Scriptless Backups With Backup Ninja

While some people use certain backup scripts to back up their databases, it might prove to be an inefficient solution because it’s not scalable as the needs of your application might (and probably will) change over time. Backup Ninja can help you get rid of manual backup hassles - Backup Ninja provides you with a singular location to manage backups for multiple database vendors including MySQL, Percona, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, TimescaleDB and MongoDB. If you use a mix of those, you might benefit from the unified approach Backup Ninja provides to protect and manage the entire database environment.


MySQL offers some commercial backup options. One of them is MySQL Enterprise Backup - the tool offers a very wide set of backup options, but it will also set you back $5,000. On the other hand, you have Backup Ninja - a considerably cheaper backup option that not only can be used for MySQL, but also other flavors of MySQL. In general, Backup Ninja can not only be purchased at a fraction of the cost of MySQL Enterprise Backup, but it also delivers on similar features.