Comparing Cloud Storage Options: Backblaze

Comparing Cloud Storage Options: Backblaze

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Sarojini Devi Nagappan
03 September 2020

Over an Exabyte stored & 50+ billion files recovered," a proud caption on the Backblaze homepage, has moved them up in comparison with the other leading cloud storage providers in the market. Backblaze initially started its business in 2007 as a backup and storage provider for personal users then gradually moved its services for enterprise users. Personal Backup service offers you unlimited backups for Mac or PC on the cloud with just $6 a month. Business Backup service lets you backup from all devices in your infrastructure, including options to store Server, NAS, and centrally managed computers backups securely. Recently they launched B2 cloud storage services offering S3 compatible storage services at ¼ the price and unlimited storage options. This blog will talk about Backblaze services highlights, details of their latest B2 cloud storage, and how it works with Backup Ninja in providing S3 compliant storage for simple and secured open source database backups.

Backblaze Service Highlights

Like many leading cloud storage and backup services providers, Backblaze has included standard features reliability, security, and management console for all its services. The key differentiating features of Backblaze are as follows.

  • Affordable massive storage: If you are a personal user, you have access to unlimited storage space to back up your documents, photos, and files from any device at high backup speed for just $60 annually. If you are a business user, the cost to backup your server is atm $0.005/GB per month for data storage.
  • Simple and easy to use: You don’t have to be a techie to use Backblaze backup services. Once the Backblaze program is installed, it scans the drive and gives the overview of files for backup. With just a click on the ‘ok’ button, the backup starts.
  • Rapid Restoration: Backblaze is the only provider offering you 3 restoration options under the Rapid Restore service. You can either log in to the web and select the files you want to restore, get the backup on an external hard drive or usb via email, or access the files using the Backblaze mobile app.
  • Device Protection: Backblaze does not only protect the backup files but has features to protect the device as well. The locate my computer feature on the Backblaze website allows you to locate your computer if its misplaced or stolen.

Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage

If you are looking to backup large amounts of data at an affordable price, then Backblaze B2 cloud storage should be in your list. Backblaze B2 cloud storage is an S3 compatible object storage service offered at ¼ of the price to store files on the cloud. Backblaze allows easy integration with S3 compliant services like Backup Ninja, Veeam, MSP360, and many noted industry leaders offering cloud backup services allowing you to backup large amounts of data on a secured object storage platform. It also offers backup and archive, cloud to cloud migration, media files manage, and development services at an affordable price to its customers.

Backup and Archive  

Backup and archive data from your server on Backblaze using a suitable backup service integrated with the Backblaze platform. Backblaze does not only promise high storage capacity but also gives you high availability for your NAS high capability storage devices. Also, if you are working with endpoints or VMs managed by different teams, you can have reliable backup for business critical data and recover them at anytime onsite or on the cloud.

Cloud to Cloud Migration

Backblaze also offers cloud to cloud migration services and covers the data transfer and egress fees for migration of 50TB. Transfer petabytes of data securely at cloud native speed without any downtime. The migration is handled seamlessly by the Backblaze solutions engineers.

Media Files Management

Backblaze has a proven track record of working with the media industries like American Public Television, Complex networks to manage their media files. Backblaze allows users to setup storage and manage media files, and seamlessly connect to high availability storage and tools without any complicated configurations. 


Developers can build apps and integrate with BackBlaze B2 object storage using the Backblaze APIs. Using the BackBlaze API a developer can upload, download, delete files, create, and manage the buckets that hold files in a fragment of time.

Backup Ninja on Backblaze

Backblaze is a great option for files backup services, if you are looking to backup open source databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Percona, and Timescale at its native method, Backup Ninja would be the best fit. The Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage allows integration with S3 compatible tools like Backup Ninja seamlessly allowing you to have the best of both worlds. You can now backup your databases in just a few steps with an easy to use web interface using Backup Ninja on an affordable and reliable cloud storage by BackBlaze. Backup Ninja is a great automated tool for backup management offering features like configuration, scheduling, and monitoring all done via a simple web interface. The upcoming sections will show you how to configure and schedule backups on Backblaze on Backup Ninja.

Setting up Backblaze on Backup Ninja

Step 1: Select Backblaze as a cloud provider.

Backblaze Backup Ninja

Step 2: Select the backup region.

Setting up Backblaze on Backup Ninja

Step 3: Enter the Backblaze cloud credential settings. The bucket name can be any name of your preference.

Setting up Backblaze on Backup Ninja

Step 4:  Give a name for your cloud storage configuration. This will be used when you schedule a backup.

Setting up Backblaze on Backup Ninja

Step 5: Backblaze cloud is configured on Backup Ninja.

Setting up Backblaze on Backup Ninja

Schedule a Backup on Backblaze Using Backup Ninja

Once you have successfully configured the cloud storage, you can now easily configure the backup schedule on Backup Ninja in just five steps.

Step 1:  Enter the details for the backup schedule.

Schedule a Backup on Backblaze Using Backup Ninja

Step 2: Select the cloud credentials created earlier from the drop-down. The retention period has defaulted to 7 days, you may change it accordingly.

Schedule a Backup on Backblaze Using Backup Ninja

Step 3: Enter the backup name in the given format.

Schedule a Backup on Backblaze Using Backup Ninja

Step 4: Select the given option to state when the backup should be scheduled.

Schedule a Backup on Backblaze Using Backup Ninja

Step 5: View the configured schedule on the dashboard.

Schedule a Backup on Backblaze Using Backup Ninja


Backblaze offers great backup and massive amounts of storage at an affordable price to serve all tiers of users. They not only offer unlimited storage computer backups but also promise a reliable and secure backup with additional data recovery services to ensure the backups reach on time for immediate recovery. The latest B2 cloud storage services allow storing files on object storage and files can be downloaded anytime via a browser compatible URL or API. Through its rich API, any S3 compatible tool like Backup Ninja can easily integrate with Backblaze S3 compatible storage. If you are looking for an affordable object storage and a provider which allows for integration with other tools then Backblaze is a great option