Comparing Cloud Storage Options: Safespring

Comparing Cloud Storage Options: Safespring

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Sarojini Devi Nagappan
11 June 2020


Safespring is a Sweden-based cloud provider who is passionate about security and delivering efficient cloud services. As a Swedish company, they are not bound by Cloud Act, thus will not be forced to disclose any data instead run under the Swedish jurisdiction. Safespring started its infrastructure offering to the academia-industry in Scandinavia where they found demand for data storage and its security. Soon after, their cloud services slowly expanded to other industries prioritizing high security and compliance with local laws and regulations. Safespring cloud services offering include backup, storage, virtual instances managed databases, and mixed infrastructure services. Also, Safespring offers expert consultation services to give a head start on your cloud journey or even get customizations with their cloud experts. This blog will walk you through the highlights of Safespring services and, after that, walk you through steps on configuring Safespring as a cloud provider for S3 compliant tools.

Safespring Cloud Services Overview

Safespring has vast implementations experience not only in the education sector but also serves as a platform for software as a service for the software development industry. Offsite backups with just a few clicks for Stockholm University secured cloud services with high performance for the Chalmers University of Technology, infrastructure services for IVBAR, and image backup services for Swedish Music Agency are some of the success case studies by Safespring. These implementations show the diversity of the industries Safespring has worked with over the years. Following are some of the key features of the services by Safespring, which makes it a successful and secured cloud service provider in Sweden: 

  • Flexible to scale services at any time 
  • Pay only for required services and capacity
  • Security in keeping control of the data
  • Full control of security settings in the platform
  • Partner program for infrastructure and cloud services

Safespring Backup

Safespring backup is a service to backup large amounts of data done via a self-service portal. Data in transit in the data centers is always encrypted, and access is based on a configured user role to avoid any unauthorised access. Key features of this service include:

  • A set of data is stored on another geographical location for high data availability in support to data recovery disaster planning
  • There is no need to invest in high-end infrastructure on-premises for storage
  • Dedicated 24x7 technical support services 

Safespring Storage

Safespring storage offers three types of storage services to complement Safespring Compute service managed via a self-service portal of API. The fast-access storage is best for heavy and fast transaction applications like databases. The next storage service strikes a right balance between cost and performance and it's an ideal solution for file storage and operating systems. The third option is the object storage service for large amounts of data to be stored on the cloud. Files can be downloaded and uploaded using an S3 interface and easily integrated with existing programs. Safespring object storage service is perfect for applications reading and writing large volumes of data like web applications. This service is also a great complement to existing local backups to have offsite storage. All data is stored using encrypted hard disks in the local data centers, and this ensures your data stays within the country’s boundaries. As a summary, the key highlights of the Safespring storage services include:

  • Three different storage options based on the leading Ceph storage technology
  • Highly secured with role-based access control to its storage services
  • Data is transmitted and stored with appropriate encryption methods
  • Provision of storage can be made via an easy to use the service portal

Safespring Compute

Safespring compute allows you to scale your infrastructure at any time with a fully automated and easy to use self-service portal. You can create, start, and stop virtual instances at any anytime to meet the project needs. The Safespring cloud infrastructure service is built on the OpenStack platform, and this guarantees secured data with high availability. Following are the highlights of this service:

  • Hourly charging based on usage
  • Platform-based on SDN technology for easy administration of the virtual web
  • Comes with technical support 24/7/365

Safespring on BackupNinja

Safespring object storage service works as cloud storage to any S3 compliant backup tool like Backup Ninja, with minimal customization of configuration. Backup Ninja is a simple and secured database backup tool for the most popular open-source databases like MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and TimeScale. All you need to do is have a bartender agent hooked to your database locally or on the cloud, and the service will manage database backup services on the selected cloud provider like Safespring. The upcoming section will show the simple steps on how to configure Safespring as a cloud storage provider on Backup Ninja.

Setting up Safespring on Backup Ninja

Step 1: Select Safespring as a cloud provider.

Setting up Safespring on Backup Ninja

Step 2: Select the backup region.

Setting up Safespring on Backup Ninja

Step 3:  Enter the Safespring cloud credential settings. The bucket name can be any name of your preference.

Setting up Safespring on Backup Ninja

Step 4:  Give a name for your cloud storage configuration. This will be used when you schedule a backup.

Setting up Safespring on Backup Ninja

Step 5: The Safespring cloud is configured on Backup Ninja.

Setting up Safespring on Backup Ninja

Schedule Backup on Safespring Using Backup Ninja

Once you have successfully configured the cloud storage, you can now easily configure the backup schedule on Backup Ninja in just five steps.

Step 1:  Enter the details for the backup schedule.

Schedule Backup on SafeSpring Using Backup Ninja

Step 2: Select the cloud credentials created earlier from the dropdown. The retention period has defaulted to 7 days, you may change it accordingly.

Schedule Backup on SafeSpring Using Backup Ninja

Step 3: Enter the backup name in the given format.

Schedule Backup on SafeSpring Using Backup Ninja

Step 4: Select the given option to state when the backup should be scheduled.

Schedule Backup on SafeSpring Using Backup Ninja

Step 5: View the configured schedule on the dashboard.

Schedule Backup on SafeSpring Using Backup Ninja


If you are from Sweden and looking for scalable, cost-effective, and secured cloud services, then Safespring should be at the top of your list. They guarantee data security by ensuring your data does not leave the country's border, which allows for security governance and compliance by the Swedish jurisdiction. Safespring cloud services are a great option if you prefer a flexible cloud infrastructure with minimal new hardware investment.