Database Backups 101: Notifications

Database Backups 101: Notifications

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Lukas Vileikis
08 June 2021

If you are a database administrator, you probably already know how important database backups are. Database backups can be split into a few categories: they can either be incremental, partial, or full. However, what is also incredibly important is being notified on all events backup related. This blog post will cover the notifications feature of Backup Ninja.

Why Is It Important to Be Notified?

If you have worked with databases for some time, you probably already know the importance of notifications. They help your database instances keep performing at the best of their abilities all the time. Notifications can be especially useful when dealing with backups: by receiving and tracking backup notifications, you can easily prevent having corrupt or invalid backups. Backup Ninja lets you track any transaction tied to a certain backup event. Backup Ninja’s backup notifications can be configured to let you receive notifications on any backup events, allowing you to stay updated on your backup journey all the time.

Database Backup Notifications with Backup Ninja

As already mentioned, Backup Ninja allows you to track your backup and agent status using notifications. To get the best of what Backup Ninja can offer in the backup notification scenario, you have a few options. First off, you can log in to Backup Ninja and click on the Activity Log at the left side to get a general overview of what is been going on in your Backup Ninja account since you have been gone:

Activity Log

Observe the logs and you shall see some of them pertaining to backup schedules or your database backup agents (when backups were created, paused, when agents were installed, etc.):

Backup stats

As far as notifications go though, Backup Ninja also allows you to get notified regarding any backup events or even schedules - click on the Notifications bell on the left side to learn more:

Email notification settings

This page lets you turn backup events or schedules on or off. Backup Ninja can also notify you when something goes awry with your agent events:

Agent events


Backup Ninja can be a really useful tool in your shed if you want to ensure that your database backups are always available and can be recovered as quickly as possible. Backup Ninja’s backup notifications can be especially helpful if you find that your backup monitoring routine is becoming unsustainable or if you simply want to be automatically notified as soon as something goes wrong with your backup processes.