Here’s All the Recent Improvements to Backup Ninja

Here’s All the Recent Improvements to Backup Ninja

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Sarojini Devi Nagappan
17 September 2020

Backup Ninja, a simple and secure backup service for open source databases, files, and folders using a centralised web console. We have released many exciting features and improvements over the last few months to help you have a better experience in backup management. This blog gives you a snapshot of those new features in Backup Ninja.

S3 Compatible Custom Storage Providers

Backup Ninja’s S3 Custom Storage Provider credentials feature allows you to have backups on any S3 compatible cloud storage. This feature lets you configure any cloud provider with a public AWS S3 compliant API using the same interface, without any need for further customization.

S3 Compatible Customer Storage Providers

Files & Folders Backup

Backup your files and folders using the same interface as the one for database backups. Activate the Restore in a different location toggle, to restore the file and folder backups to your preferred location. This  feature also supports the same secure, robust encryption and cloud upload features that we have for our database backups.

Files & Folders Backup

Partial Database Backups

The new partial Backup feature allows you to take backups of specific databases and tables for smaller, faster backups. This feature lets you recover a particular database or table in case of any disaster. Like full backups, Backup Ninja uses a backup utility specific to the database technology for partial backups. Backup methods are automatically listed based on the database technology on your server; therefore you won’t need to know much about the technical aspects, instead just focus on creating an optimum backup schedule for your environment.

Partial Database Backups GUI

Growing List of Cloud Storage Providers

Our built-in cloud storage provider list just keeps growing. We have recently added Backblaze, Wasabi, Filebase, and Elastx for you to choose as a cloud provider according to your preferences on cost, location, and features. These cloud providers have distinct advantages of their own and go to the next step in storing your data on any cloud you wish.

Growing List of Cloud Storage Providers - Backup Ninja

Backup Ninja Vendor API

Backup Ninja Vendor API allows vendors to offer Backup Ninja as an external managed backup service for their users. The API allows hosting companies and cloud providers to offer our external managed backup service for their end users, while maintaining full control of user provisioning and billing of the service. Partners who participate in this program will benefit from discount pricing and co-op marketing programs.

Our pilot partner Exsoscale, a European cloud hosting provider, has already successfully integrated Backup Ninja using the API to offer their users an external backup service from their own marketplace.

Improved Alerts and Notifications 

You now have a dedicated page to configure Backup Ninja notifications which can be delivered to you via email. You get to view notifications grouped into Backup, Schedule and Agent events with the ability to access them immediately without the need to scroll through the long list of events.

​​​​​​​Improved Alerts and Notifications Backup Ninja

Custom Encryption Keys

Backup security is essential, and in Backup Ninja you can create and enter your custom encryption keys to encrypt and decrypt your backups. This can be used instead of using an auto-generated encryption key…giving you even more control over your data security. Encryption key details are securely contained in the agent on your server; allowing you to have full access and control over the access and security. 

Custom Encryption Keys Backup Ninja


The above are just some of the many exciting features we have released till now. We have many other exciting features in our road map coming to your way for you to have the best experience in managing open source databases, files, and folder backups.