Database Backup Resources

True Backup Management covers an umbrella of tasks, including defining policies, monitoring the health of backup processes, encrypting your backup data, transferring to external data centers, managing retention, verifying that the data can be recovered, all of which should be automated by your backup solution. Here are some resources to help you define your backup strategy.

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The DevOps Guide to Database Backups for MySQL and MariaDB

This whitepaper discusses the two most popular backup utilities available for MySQL and MariaDB, namely mysqldump and Percona XtraBackup. It further covers topics such as how database features like binary logging and replication can be leveraged in backup strategies. And it provides best practices that can be applied to high availability topologies in order to make database backups reliable, secure and consistent.

The DevOps Guide to Database Management

Relational databases are not very flexible by nature, while DevOps is all about flexibility. This creates many challenges that need to be overcome. This white paper discusses three core challenges faced by DevOps when it comes to managing databases. It also discusses how Severalnines ClusterControl can be used to address these challenges.

How to Deploy Open Source Databases

Choosing which DB engine to use between all the options we have today is not an easy task. And that is just the beginning. After deciding which engine to use, you need to learn about it and actually deploy it to play with it. We plan to help you on that second step, and show you how to install, configure and secure some of the most popular open source DB engines. In this whitepaper we are going to cover these points , with the aim of fast tracking you on the deploy task.

Disaster Recovery Planning for MySQL & MariaDB

Database outages are almost inevitable and understanding the timeline of an outage can help us better prepare, diagnose and recover from one. To mitigate the impact of downtime, organizations need an appropriate disaster recovery (DR) plan. This white paper provides essential insights into how to build such a plan, discussing the database mechanisms involved as well as how these mechanisms can be fully automated with ClusterControl, a management platform for open source database systems.