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Easy and Reliable TimescaleDB Backup Management

Backup Ninja is an automated backup solution which provides you a simple and efficient way of managing your TimescaleDB’s backup. Create logical and physical TimescaleDB backups using a centralised web console and restore them to any location with just a few clicks. Monitor and receive updates on your backups on the dashboard and through email. With Backup Ninja, you can eliminate the need for dedicated resources to manage your backups; instead, configure the backup schedule once and have automated and secured Timescale backups stored on your preferred location.

Automated Backups

Advanced TimescaleDB automated backups

Data Protection

Advanced data protection with end-to-end security

Backup Monitoring

Advanced backup monitoring & notification features

Reliable Recovery Using TimeScale Backup

Minimize downtime, have your Timescale backups restored to your preferred location with a few guided steps in no time. Backup Ninja allows you to restore your backups, either for testing or recovery, efficiently as part of the disaster recovery strategy.


Full Logical and Physical Backup TimeScaleDB Backups

Backup Ninja supports both logical and physical backup methodologies, all from the same interface. Logical backups are essential for the point-in-time recovery containing logical data (like tables or stored procedures) which is exported from the TimescaleDB database. Physical backups are backups of physical files such as data files, control files, and archived redo logs. With the combination of logical and physical backup, you can be guaranteed for a faster recovery in case of failures.

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